DARCARS Automotive Group Helps a Local Woman Regain Her Independence

DARCARS Automotive Group recently made it possible for a local woman to regain her mobility with the help of a Toyota Sienna.

Montgomery County woman, Amanda Flores lost her limbs due to illness. This was a big adjustment for Amanda and her family. Although she handled her recovery with bravery, one factor that continued to complicate things was that she could not driver herself or her sons anywhere.

DARCARS Automotive's John Darvish heard Amanda's story and decided to help by donating a customized Toyota Sienna. He worked with Amanda to adapt the vehicle to her needs, including features like hand controls, voice-activated controls and a seat that can rotate and lower. Now she has the ability and freedom to drive herself and her sons just about anywhere they need to go.

We're so happy that Amanda has her independence back and we are honored to have been a part of her journey. In the video below, you can check out Amanda's new ride and see how much this van means to Amanda and her family.

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