WUSA9 helps Montgomery Co. mom fight to help her family

IMPACT: WUSA9 helps Montgomery Co. mom fight to help her family

When this mom lost her legs, she knew she would still be there for her family. WUSA9 decided to help out in a big way. Mom's know it’s not easy juggling everything. So when one Montgomery County mother who told us her story and how she’s fighting to be there for her family, WUSA9 decided to team-up with the community and help make an Impact!

That led us to Friday, February 2, 2018. A whole group of family, friends and employees of DARCARS Toyota lined the showroom floor of their Silver Spring MD location. Amanda Flores walked-in to a loud applause. She stopped, took a deep breath and began to cry.
To understand the power of that moment, you have to understand the power of 36-year-old Amanda Flores. She’s a Montgomery County native and mom of two young boys. WUSA9 first met Flores is August of 2017. Reporter Stephanie Ramirez came across her GoFundMe Page and learned Flores was trying to raise money for a van. The applause inside the Silver Spring DARCARS location, was the day Amanda Flores was gifted a brand-new van…and not just any van.

“Whoa mommy, your seat is so cool,” said her son, Andy.

Flores received a vehicle fully-equipped with the technology to help a quadruple amputee drive. Yes, Amanda has four prosthetic limbs. She went from learning how to move and all all over again, to wanting to fly-down I-495.

“Miss Amanda, please enjoy your sweet, sweet Sienna,” said an automated voice prompt on the van when it turned on.

Author: Stephanie Ramirez
Published: 8:04 PM EST March 9, 2018

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