Local mother of 2 dubbed 'Supermom' is getting married

She's been encouraging others while working on her own strength as well.

Washington — The Montgomery County mother of two and quadruple amputee that WUSA9 has dubbed "Supermom" is getting ready to take her next big step: she's getting married.

"If there was such a thing as a soul mate, he's my other half,” said Amanda Flores before starting to cry tears of joy.

“Finally” was the word she used laughing. Flores and her fiancé are now tying the knot.

The journey for them: a whirlwind.

Last February, a black blanket covering a cherry-colored Toyota Sienna made a “swoosh” sound when a Darcars employee pulled-it off a brand new minivan. That’s when WUSA9 aired Flores receiving the donation of a lifetime.

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It was last winter when the President of The Darcars Automotive group gifted Amanda a specialized van after seeing WUSA9’s story about the mother of two who just wanted to drive.

It was her way of returning some normalcy to her family after a 2014 battle with Sepsis. Sepsis an infection of the bloodstream. Flores survived but lost both her arms and legs in that battle.

The gift changed her life.

"Ever since I started driving and I had just started walking, like in the high, tall, micro-processor knees … just everything took off,” she said.

Since then, the Montgomery County mother brought a new house. She also became a Peer Mentor for Hanger, her prosthetics company. She’s been encouraging others while working on her own strength as well.

"What you learn along the way is, it has nothing to do with technology. It has to do with blood sweat and tears,” Flores told WUSA9.

"A saying we had in the Marine Corps is, 'Pain is weakness leaving the body,'” said Frank Bordoy.

Bordoy is the Marine Veteran and DC Officer who has been by Amanda’s side since the beginning.

WUSA9 got to help make an Impact. Now Amanda hopes, their wedding will too.

"If you just change your attitude and you stay positive. I promise everything will fall into place and it makes coping with life a lot easier,” Flores told WUSA9.

Flores has been working towards this moment for almost four years. Amanda plans to walk down the aisle and not using a wheelchair.

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Author: Stephanie Ramirez

Published: 11:21 PM EDT August 10, 2018